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Diplocon was founded to provide resources for people seeking jobs providing construction services to the Diplomatic Community. While continuing to do so, it has also evolved into a nexus for employment professionals and consultants, job seekers interested in employment OCONUS (Outside CONtinental United States) in any field, and people already OCONUS whether working in the diplomatic realm, construction, maintenance, and support of diplomatic facilities, or in other professions and roles.


Complaining about capitalism


It seems like every time I make the mistake of clicking on a story about gas prices, there are multitudes complaining about speculators. Because the complainers have never bothered to learn about capitalism and market forces, they believe whatever the so-called journalists of this era tell them to believe; that it is the evil rich 1% raising the gas prices by speculating in the markets. One of the things the so-called journalists never mention – probably because they don’t know themselves – is that speculators can make just as much profit when oil prices go down so they have no reason to intentionally drive prices up. You can learn how to profit when commodities or stocks drop in price too.

I’m not one of the rich 1% by any means, but I darn sure am not one of the 99% the complainers claim to represent. In fact, I’m trying to understand why they believe it is proper for the government to make 30 or 40 cents per gallon for doing nothing*, but it is evil for the oil companies to make 4 cents per gallon for taking all the risk of exploration, drilling, transporting, refining, and retailing.

I’ve studied markets and I’ve learned how money can be made. Capitalism can work for anyone that is willing to do what it takes to learn, and is willing to take some risks. The rich 1% got rich by acquiring knowledge and taking risks. It could be that by investing a little money and time in acquiring knowledge, and, instead of buying that new (probably foreign made) motorcycle or 4-wheeler, any American can join the elite group of the capitalists over time. I fully intend to do so. This link will lead you to resources to do so too**. http://digijunction.com/investing/diplocon

*Yes, I understand the various government build roads with some of the revenue, but I’d sure like to see a verifiable accounting of where all that road tax money goes. I don’t mind paying user taxes if they are used to support the intended services, but many of the programs the various governments spend taxpayer money on are completely against my wishes (and common sense) and have nothing to do with the item on which the taxes were levied and paid.

**In the spirit of disclosure; Diplocon receives a small commission for some products, but that does not add to the price or detract from the value and usefulness of the products – indeed, if used, the programs might well save the purchaser the thousands of dollars I spent acquiring the knowledge contained in the programs as sold for a few tens of dollars.

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