What is Diplocon?

Diplocon was founded to provide resources for people seeking jobs providing construction services to the Diplomatic Community. While continuing to do so, it has also evolved into a nexus for employment professionals and consultants, job seekers interested in employment OCONUS (Outside CONtinental United States) in any field, and people already OCONUS whether working in the diplomatic realm, construction, maintenance, and support of diplomatic facilities, or in other professions and roles.


eBook “Overseas Jobs; Working in the Wider World OCONUS”

A interactive guide to preparing for and finding a job OCONUS in almost any field.

By Gregory Unck – began working OCONUS (Outside CONtinental United States) in 1983 and currently as a manager OCONUS


The eBook Overseas Jobs; Working in the Wider World OCONUS is available for under $10 from all major eBook retailers, or, as an 82 page PDF. To purchase the PDF email customerservice@diplocon.com to pay with PayPal, personal check, or money order.


Using the principles and knowledge he shares in this eBook, Overseas Jobs; Working in the Wider World OCONUS, the author has been paid – usually very well – to travel to and live in countries all over the big wide world.

Whether you are afraid of losing your current job, have no current job and afraid you may not find one for a long time, would like to double or triple your current income (presuming you have an income), or just want to get paid to see the world, this eBook can help you find your way. However, it will help you only if you actually use it – always remember; knowledge is power only when it is applied in an effective manner and toward a clear objective.

“Overseas Jobs; Working in the Wider World OCONUS” is not just a guide to finding a job. It is about honing your current skills, or, starting from scratch to target your dream career. It is also about helping you tune and project your personal power by defining your personal goals and refining your efforts to achieve excellence so you can write your own ticket to the widest parts of the world. Excellence can mean the difference between being offered prime assignments in ideal locations with good pay and living conditions, and less attractive assignments where no one else wants to go. (However you may need to accept a less attractive assignment in the beginning for the opportunity to showcase your excellence)


Of course, we recommend you allow a Diplocon employment consultant to professionally produce your resume, but if you choose to do it yourself; when you purchase resume software via one of the links below, Diplocon staff will provide a one- time complementary proofreading, and offer suggestions to tweak your resume for the best effect for the position you are seeking.

Easy Resume Creator Pro

Easy Resume Creator Pro will help you create a resume and cover letters that match your current career level, background and career objectives, and deliver those to multitudes of employers seeking just the qualifications you possess. The following tools will assist you in building your career path.

  • Resume creation wizard – guides you step-by-step through the process of creating an individual resume, which reflects your career level, experience and other individual information.
  • Letter creation wizard – guides you step-by-step through the process if creating an individual cover letter, offer acceptance or rejection letter, and thank you letter.
  • Job Crawler – powerful tool for searching available jobs throughout dozens of online employment databases. Simply select your career field and desired keywords and hit search.
  • Contact organizer – manages your prospective employers’ contact information, your to-do list and personal calendar.
  • Resources – miscellaneous career-related resources, which include federal employment forms and information, job boards and other useful links.

Easy Resume Creator Pro lets you create resumes in the following formats: MS Word, HTML, ASCII and HR-XML, and deliver those to the prospective employer via mail, along with the cover letters.

Easy Resume Creator Pro‘s Job Search is a tool for searching employment offers posted on different Job Boards. Start with the major jobs databases to see if they have positions that meet your interests. You’ll be able to search by keyword, location, career field and other criteria. The trial version of the program carries the following search modules only: Dice, Monster, Monster Canada, and Spherion. Upon registration, you can unlock the rest of the modules (HotJobs, Google, TrueCareer, NetTemps, etc.) available from the program directly.

Easy Resume Creator Pro helps you reach your career objective and remove stress from your job searching.

Resume Builder

Resume Builder saves you money and time, completing the work for you. The software creates your own customized, professional and visually appealing resume in just 15 minutes!

Resume Builder presents you in the best possible light at the employer’s office by describing your precise skills, responsibilities and work experience.

In the job search process, a well-written and well-designed resume is essential. Our program does the thinking and writing for you.

Resume Builder simplifies the work of finding the job by providing intelligent and user-friendly software with these powerful features:
*The interface is extremely intuitive, making it easy for you to build your resume quickly and effortlessly.
* No time is wasted: Just use built-in FTP, SMTP and E-mailing Wizards.
* Resume Builder can create an unlimited number of different, targeted resumes, each with a different objective, each specifically crafted for a different type of position.
* Choose one of more than fifteen different resume styles. Write powerful resumes and cover letters with our professionally designed templates.
* Defining the structure of your resume. Resume Builder allows to display the structure of a resume in a user-friendly format, so a user can choose what sections of resume he wants to publish and he can change the order of the Published Sections: Biographical Data, Objective, Employment History, Education History, Personal, Skill Areas, Publications, Honor/Awards, Summary, References.
* Complete control: We’ve even made the toolbar in Resume Builder fully customizable. Configure it to suit your needs! You can specify font sizes and styles for text and colors for text, background, headers, tables and lines.
* Integration with Microsoft Office. Resume Builder supports export resume in Microsoft Word and Text plain formats.
* HTML publication. Export to HTML generates an HTML based resume that can include embedded hyperlinks, and other web specific functionality.
* Support export to HR-XML standard. HR-XML is a set of XML specifications to enable e-business and the automation of data exchanges in human resources information.
* Print resume: Resume Builder supports printing any section or sections of your resume.
* Resume Builder is an international program, the languages of its interface are English and French. Resume can be created in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch or Italian.
* Internal contact database of Recruitment firms and employers. Create, modify or remove your contact records.
* Resume Builder includes built-in e-mail messaging system. Send resumes to members of your contact database.
* Using default Outlook profiles. When users send e-mails the SMTP Wizard assists them in selecting a profile of the Microsoft Outlook Express. Wizard detects the existing profile on the user’s computer and can use that profile instead of creating a new one.
* Integrated FTP client. You can upload your resume to your website right away after creation.
* Cover letters. Resume Builder includes several examples of the cover letters and helps you e-mail resume with a cover letter to the prospective employer.
* Formatting Text. You can make your text stand out by using our HTML tags editor for Line Breaks, Spaces and Bullet Lists. Formatting with Resume Builder is easy!



Nightingale-Conant has the programs to help you reach your peak performance level and be the best in your field – the one that writes their own ticket to the Wider World.

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Reaching and/or maintaining fitness while OCONUS can be a challenge. Those of us that live out here seem to tend toward one end of the scale or the other – either quite health and fitness conscious, or, quite lax. The thing is, the lax ones miss work more often and generally perform below their optimum level. If you were the employer, which would you hire and keep?


What to do with that big money you are earning or will be earning OCONUS? Although life OCONUS can be very fulfilling, you probably won’t want to do it until you die. Most jobs out here pay well enough that you can sock some money away. Don’t put it under your mattress. Learn how to make it grow. Right now, you are working for your money (or trying to find a job to work for your money). Start along the path to making your money work for you.  INVESTING IN MY FUTURE


Some assignments OCONUS leave enough time to start an online business – Diplocon, who’s website you are on right now, is one such business. Some of you may want to be earning some side income while looking for your dream job OCONUS, or, while waiting to deploy. Extra income is always welcome, even when your salary is OCONUS large.  NOBODY’S BUSINESS BUT MINE


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