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Thinking twice about Mexico in 2011


A couple of years ago I blogged “Mexico is getting a bad rap”, and at the time it was. The newsies along the US side of the border were sensationalizing and in general doing poor reporting – at least from my point of view living on the other side at the time. Since then the cartels have become extremely ruthless and brutal, and have killed several US citizens, something that was unheard of in 2008 when I posted that blog.

As a subcriber to Stratfor (right side of the page you are reading this on), I get straight intelligence, not sensationalized stories from hack news novelists. Stratfor has been proactively searching for the facts about Mexico’s cartel on cartel, and, cartel on government violence, and sending it out to members in the form of security reports – not news stories meant to shock, or, persuade readers that the problems in Mexico are all the fault of the US as some politicians on both sides of the border want us to believe.

Based on solid information (but not as one living on the other side as I have completed my assignents in Mexico and moved on), in my opinion in 2011, Mexico is getting hazardous and one should perform due dilligence and assess the situation before accepting an assignment there.


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