What is Diplocon?

Diplocon was founded to provide resources for people seeking jobs providing construction services to the Diplomatic Community. While continuing to do so, it has also evolved into a nexus for employment professionals and consultants, job seekers interested in employment OCONUS (Outside CONtinental United States) in any field, and people already OCONUS whether working in the diplomatic realm, construction, maintenance, and support of diplomatic facilities, or in other professions and roles.


Uncomfortable in Paradise


On my first overseas job, I left Salt Lake City, Utah in the cool of the early morning in my new, stiff and raspy Levis and heavy, stiff and raspy new denim work shirt, was in air conditioned aircraft or airports all day, then walked off the final plane into the moisture laden, hot, tropical air of the West Indies and felt like I was walking into a sauna. My luggage arrived a few days late, so I suffered through days of sweating and chafing in my stiff and raspy new denims until I received my luggage and had a T-shirt available and some soft old Levis to cut off. Since short pants were considered unmanly in my 1983 social circle, I had purchased none before deploying – hadn’t even considered it. Received severe sunburn on my legs first thing, too! Itched, and peeled like a snake after that. Because of that, I learned to learn about the places I’d be living in and prepare accordingly. I also learned not to give a damn about what the people in any American social circle consider manly or otherwise. However, one thing I do keep in mind about clothing is that, in some foreign societies, certain clothing (and behaviors) can offend the local people. Since I am the visitor, I conform to their standards rather than expecting them to tolerate mine. I always strive to be a gracious visitor and represent America well. I may be the only American some foreign nationals come in contact with. I believe it is best to leave them with a good impression.

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