What is Diplocon?

Diplocon was founded to provide resources for people seeking jobs providing construction services to the Diplomatic Community. While continuing to do so, it has also evolved into a nexus for employment professionals and consultants, job seekers interested in employment OCONUS (Outside CONtinental United States) in any field, and people already OCONUS whether working in the diplomatic realm, construction, maintenance, and support of diplomatic facilities, or in other professions and roles.


Working outside of the USA


Although I enjoy traveling and living in cultures outside the USA, there are times when I get that “There’s no place like home” feeling and think I would like to find a job in the States. When I look in local job listings or even the big nationwide sites and see the wages or salaries being advertised as “good pay” or “high wages” I am quickly reminded that I would have to take a huge pay cut, and lose some of my excellent benefits, just to take a chance on a job that may be only temporary. I quickly come back to reality and appreciate the opportunities that are presented to me working outside the USA.

When you see an Internet “news” article touting some position that pays “as much as” $40,000 per year, think double that amount overseas. There are also opportunities that may not pay double your current wage or salary, but compensate by providing storybook surroundings and cultures to explore and experience. There are even plenty of locations that can offer the best of both situations

To say there are high paying, steady, overseas jobs for us regular folks is no exaggeration. I should know. I’m pretty much an average guy, and, do not have a college degree; but I’ve been working steady for over ten years – and except for one year on a small Pacific island with tropical weather, jungle, and warm clear ocean – have earned at least double what I would have paid at home.

There are plenty of empty positions to be filled (not to mention a lot of “dead wood” that needs to be removed and replaced by motivated folks like you.) It may be that all you would need to do to get there is tweak your skills a bit and know how to look for the jobs.

During the Spring of 2011this blog will focus on ideas for tradespeople, supervisors, managers, and even those with little experience in the work force to date, to turn their current skill set into a marketable package that could help them double their income overnight by working overseas.

Over a few weeks we will examine the skills below. You may find that you (or someone you know) might qualify to, or be close to qualified to, fill a position in:

Construction trades

Engineering disciplines

Construction managers

Administrative and clerical

Construction Security

Telecom Technicians


Technical Security Technicians

8a small or disadvantaged business contracting


Mechanics and equipment maintenance technicians

Airframe and power plant techs

Information Technology Technicians

Computer Programmers

It may be your time to make your way in the wider world of overseas jobs. Even if you don’t see an obvious reference to your line of work in the list above, email us at info@diplocon.com and suggest your current skills as a topic for discussion on this blog, or, in private if you choose.

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